Current Tenders

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South Nation River Bridge Rehabilitation

Tender no. 2023-43-267

Closing: March 28, 2023 at 1:00pm

Rehabilitation of Coxvale and Ardoch Road Bridges

RFT No. 2023-03

Closing: April 13, 2023 at 2:30pm

 Projects : Awarded and Current

          Ongoing Projects          

          From 2021 – PW-C-16-2021-22-EO Rideau Ferry Bridge Rehabilitation

          From 2022 –  Rogers Side Road – ES-2022-15

           2021 Awarded and Completed Contracts

         2021-10-028  McPhee Bridge Rehabilitation  

          21-31-277 Rehabilitation of Three Span CPR Overhead Bridge   

         Rehabilitation of County Structure (C252) (Vanderploegs Culvert)                                    

          Sunny Creek Crossing

         Rehabilitation of Tow Scow Path at Upper Canada Village                                                 

          St. Lawrence Parks Commission – RFB No: RFB 21-05 

           313-15-A-21 The Rehabilitation of the Bala Creek Bridge

           PW-2021-01 Armstrong Rd & Buttermilk Hill Rd Bridge Replacement

          Lasalle Causeway Concrete Repairs – Project No. R.101343.040 

          2022 Awarded Contracts

         Ferguson Bridge Rehabilitation – Contract No. 2022-18-548

         Oliver Side Road Bridge Reconstruction – Contract No. 200-4806-1

         East Castor River Bridge Rehabilitation – Contract NO. 2022-31-293   

         River Road Box Culvert  Rehabilitation – RFT – NG22-11 

         5 Structure Rehabilitations – Tender No. 20 – 2022

        Rogers Side Road – ES-2022-15